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Strings Festival

Latino Arts Strings Program Solo Festival

The Latino Arts Strings Program Solo Festival is a highlight of the LASP calendar year. It brings together all LASP students ages five through eighteen in a positive recital environment to perform a classical solo. Local professional musicians and pedagogues are invited to serve as judges during the festival. Students perform for a professional that specializes in the instrument the student is playing. Judges then provide comments and evaluations for each performer and assign each student a gold, silver, or bronze medal award. It is not a competition among students; it is an opportunity for students to strive for their individual best.

The Solo Festival serves several functions. First, it gives students an opportunity to prepare for the world of auditions and competitions from an early age and it gives younger students an opportunity to hear what older students are performing and understand what they are working towards. It also gives the LASP staff an assessment by their peers of the work they are doing with students. And, finally, it serves as a qualifying assessment to determine if students are prepared to continue receiving a scholarship for the Latino Arts Strings Program.